Top moving tips and answers

Here are our best tips for moving and relocating your house – getting all your packing materials early is a good idea and Forster Tuncurry removals can provide everything you need, from new and used cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, tape and all the other materials you’ll need to pack up your household goods.

Why pay for removalist services?

Getting a professional removalist company to look after one of the biggest life events you’ll experience makes sense. Having a team of experienced removalists will keep your furniture, equipment and valuables safe and secure in transit.

Removalists to do the heavy lifting, it will leave you time to look after all the other details – switching electricity and other utilities to your new address, getting rid of the items not being transferred during the move, preparing the children’s move to minimise stress, looking after the needs of your pets, organising your vehicles – there’s a lot to think about!

Your removalists can do the leg work while you look after all those other important necessities and we’ll be there to help make the whole process as seamless as possible.

How do I prepare to move house?

Spending a little time planning now can save you a whole lot of hassles before the big move. It’s easy to forget about all the other little things involved in moving house. A checklist is a simple way to plan in the weeks and days before your removalists arrive.

Another good idea is to make a moving house kit so you’ll have everything you need in one place – packing tape, felt tip pens, scissors, labels and so on.

What is the best way to pack up a house before moving?

Here are our best tips for moving house – getting all your packing materials early is a good idea and Forster Tuncurry removals can provide everything you need, from new and used cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, tape and all the other materials you’ll need to pack up your household goods.

Take the opportunity while packing to get rid of items you no longer use. Sell, donate or throw these items away, don’t take unwanted clutter to the new house. If you can’t get rid of the junk before the move label the box ‘to sell or donate’ so you don’t unpack it.

Colour code the boxes to make it easy to identify which room they belong in. Label each box with the room it belongs to along with the contents on the top and side of the box. Get the removalists to put the boxes directly into the room labelled on the box, this will help make the unpacking process more manageable. Don’t make boxes too heavy, it’s easy to fill them up but consider how much they will weigh, you don’t want the bottom to break away.

Tape cables to electronics to prevent the confusion of what cable belongs to which electronic item.

Wrap breakables – use clothes, tableclothes and towels to wrap around breakables. Wrap artwork and large items in blankets to save space.

Take photos of display cabinets so you know how to organise them at the new house and to remember where cables go, take photos of how the electronics cables are connected to easily know how to reconnect them at the new house.

Don’t take clothes off their hangers – use a bin liner to wrap around clothes to easily transport. Wrapping them from the bottom will help prevent losing any clothes that might slip off the hangers.

Finish it all before moving day – don’t leave any packing for the day of the move. Have everything ready the night before. The removalist team from Forster Tuncurry Removals can pack up an entire house in a few hours if you prepare well.

What’s the best order in which to pack up the house?

The best method is to pack each room systematically. Pack least-used items first. When unpacking, leave these boxes for another day if you run out of time. Clearly label boxes, keep a record in a notebook or on a spreadsheet detailing items for each room or box so you know where everything is, or use a moving-house app. Now that’s organised!

What is the best way to unload at a new house?

Before you move give your new house a good clean before moving all the boxes over. It’s so much easier to wipe over kitchen shelves, spruce up the bathroom and vacuum all the carpets while the house is empty.

Take photos of your new home before you move so you have a clear idea of where everything should go on the big moving day. It helps the removalists get it right first time. This is also good for renters to have as a reference for their landlords to prevent unnecessary repair fees.
Organise pest control – get the pest control to spray the house the day before you moved in, then you don’t have to worry about moving any furniture later

How can you save time and money when moving house?

Ask the team from Forster Tuncurry Removals to pick up any items you may need from storage to be included in your move – it can be a big cost and time saver! Ask the removalists to help you assemble any furniture like beds and shelves if time is not an issue – it’ a lot easier than trying to do it at the end of a long day moving house.

How can you reduce stress for children when moving house?

If possible, organise to get somebody to look after the kids and pets. Pack their favourite toys last and make sure it’s easy to find their favourites by labelling bags and boxes clearly. Special toys should be packed into a box and labelled specifically, for example – “Ivy’s Teddies”.

What is best way to reduce stress on pets when moving house?

Keep up your routines – dogs are creatures of habit and the familiarities offer them comfort and security. So keep their meal times, bedtime and walks as consistent as possible to avoid added stress. Leave your dog’s items until last and unpack them first. Your dog will take comfort in the things they know. Board your dog during the actual move if possible.

What services should you contact when moving house?

Here’s the important stuff – make sure you change address details and other details when you move Insurance providers, post office for mail re-direct, transport, health care and utilities providers, banks and financial services, employer and education providers.

What’s the best way to clean a house when you move?

Make sure you have the right cleaning equipment and products and in plentiful supply. Wait until your possessions have been loaded onto the moving truck to give your old home a final, thorough cleaning.

Clean from top to bottom and back to front which means you wont have togo back over what you’ve already cleaned. Complete dry cleaning tasks first, such as dusting, vacuuming and sweeping and clean task-by-task, not room-by-room – much faster and more efficient.